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Powershield Defender650 VA Line Interactive, UPS

Powershield Defender650 VA Line Interactive, UPS

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The Powershield Defender PSD650 Line Interactive UPS ensures reliable clean power for your Computer, network, or other critical equipment, and your piece of mind.

Excellent for remote applications as will restart automatically after prolonged power outage!

This unit is designed for professional applications and will provide a clean output, even when on battery power.

Unlike most UPS's, this unit is Line Interactive, which means that voltage drops and highs are corrected to provide an acceptable operating voltage window for your computer, as well as power in a power blackout for 10 to 20 minutes typically.

The unit also has an incorporated power filter, to provide protection and minimise the effects, from power spikes, interference and lightning strikes on the mains power supply.

A line filter is also provided for your Fax, Modem or phone line.

The units also have comprehensive LCD display to show input and output voltage, Load, battery condition and other conditions.

Software is also included to communicate with your computer.

The unit is extremely reliable and sturdy owing to its strong powder coated steel casing, PCB Construction and full electronic fault protection.

Communication via  USB , software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.



OUTPUT:                                              650VA (390 w)                       OUTPUT VOLTAGE:                240 VAC (  +/-10% 
OUTPUT FREQUENCY:                         50/60 +/-5%                           VOLTAGE REGULATION:      +/-3% ( Bat Mode )   
INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:                    177-290 Vac                            FREQUENCY RANGE:             50Hz or 60Hz (+/-1% ) Batt Mode
RUNTIME:                                            13 - 25 Min                             TRANSFER TIME:                  6ms (Typical)
DIMENSIONS:                                     144h x 97w x 323d                  WAVEFORM:                         Modified Sine Wave ( Batt Mode )
WEIGHT:                                              5.2Kg                                    BATTERIES:                         12 V, 9 ah                                                 

FREIGHT: $22 anywhere in Australia

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