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Excelsior Power

Battery Charger, 12 Volt, 30 Amp 6 Stage

Battery Charger, 12 Volt, 30 Amp 6 Stage

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At last, an easy solution to charging and maintaining large battery banks at an affordable price.  Unlike most chargers which are unregulated, and can overcharge & damage batteries, the Victron Energy BPC series are 6 stage, fully regulated chargers, which can be left on indefinitely, without damage to your batteries.  They also work just as well on generators, unlike many others as they are not frequency or voltage sensitive like most chargers. The chargers have a Test, Bulk, Absorption, Recondition, Float, Storage and Ready mode. Also can select different battery types, AGM, Flooded and Li-ion.

Super high efficiency of 94%.

The unit also has mode indications for :Test, Bulk, Absorption, Recondition, Float, Storage and Ready . Also button to set Normal (14.4v), High (14.7v), high(14.7) Recondition and Li-ion.

The unit is extremely reliable and sturdy owing to its strong double insulated plastic case, PCB construction & full electronic fault protection.


Output Current continuous:

30 Amps

Dimensions (mm):

235h x 108w x 65d

Output Current Surge:

31 Amps



Output Voltage:

12 Volts:

Input Fuse protection:


Input voltage:

230Vac, +/-15%

Reverse Polarity protection:


Input current:

2.0 Amps Max

Fully Charged indicator:


Input frequency:

50- 60 Hz

Over temp protection:


Output Boost voltage:

14.2 - 14.7 VDC

Thermal fan:


Output Float Voltage:

13.2 - 13.5 VDC

Battery Type Selection Switch:


Power on switch:


Input Power lead:




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FREIGHT: $15 anywhere in Australia


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