Collection: Solar Regulators


Every good solar system needs an effective solar panel regulator. Without a regulator, solar energy remains uselessly trapped in the panel or battery. Your electronics are unable to tap into the power unless it’s in the proper voltage, so learn how Excelsior Power’s solar regulators can help.

The Importance of a Solar Power Regulator

We’ve spent years selecting the perfect solar regulators to pair with our solar systems and batteries. You’ll find that our solar regulators have several important qualities:

  • They’re built to last. We stock regulator systems made from quality components and assembled by reliable, trustworthy manufacturers. Choose the regulator best suited to your needs with confidence that it will last.
  • When you use a well-assembled solar system, you’ll save money on your electricity needs. You can cut down on the number of batteries that you need and ensure your equipment remains functional even if it is cut off from regular energy supply chains.
  • You can reduce the environmental impact of your vehicles. Many of our industrial, marine, and governmental clients appreciate the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint without reducing mechanical effectiveness.