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100 Amp/Hour, 12 Volt, Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

100 Amp/Hour, 12 Volt, Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

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CAPACITY ( 20 Hour Rate): 100Amp/Hour

The Excelsior Power Drypower 100/12 battery is a 100 Amp Hour, 12 volt, sealed Lithium Deep Cycle Battery.  They are of an Lithium type and are completely sealed for applications where no maintenance is required.  They are also designed to not produce any gas, for applications where gassing is not  acceptable. 

Longer Life with Increased Charge Cycles!

One Third of the weight of equivalent lead acid batteries!

Battery Management System built in for easy recharger and safety!

Fully recyclable!

Non toxic-no lead, no heavy metals!

Ideal for caravans and recreational Vehicles!


 Prices do not include freight, please call for freight quote!


Battery voltage:                       12.8 Volts
Capacity (AH) @ 20 hr:            100AH                                                        

Mass:                                         11.4Kg
Height:                                      217mm
Length:                                     329mm
Width:                                       171mm




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