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INVERTERS of the best quality, Inverters of the best price. Buy from the experts in INVERTERS.

Inverters under 1000 watts - Convenient and cost effective mobile power inverters to power your TV, - Computer - Lights and Chargers.

Inverters over 1000 watts - All the mobile inverter power you need to run your POWER TOOLS - TV - COMPUTER - MICROWAVE - LIGHTS - FRIDGE no matter where you are from your CAR - 4WD - BOAT - CARAVAN

These Inverters are highly advanced, microprocessor controlled units that provide the highest surge capabilities, so they can start difficult loads, such as TV's, Microwaves, Refridgeration units & even Air Conditioners ( INV series). Unlike most inverters, which can damage 240 VAC motors such as those found in refridgerators, the INV series of inverters incorporates Active Power Power Correction, so that fridges don't overheat and fail prematurely. They also have a full diagnostic LED status panel on the front, unlike most, which takes the guess work out of battery time & power consumption.

The Excelsior Inverters also achieve the highest efficiencys ( above 90% ) and lowest standby currents in the industry; which means cooler running, higher realiability and longer running time from your batteries.

 Our Inverters are specifically designed for Australia's harsh and demanding conditions, thanks to our over 20 years experience in Inverter design and development. 



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